Student work in your pocket – Astron development for MelóDiák

Astron Informatics Ltd. has developed a mobile application connected to the renewed website of MelóDiák. Its main feature is that the personal information and information provided on both the website and the application and can be accessed on any of them at any time.

MelóDiák has 35 years of professional experience in the knowledge of the needs of the labor market with a strong emphasis on the development of key competences assessed by future employers among young people already at an early age. In the labor market, a particular situation has emerged today, as currently five generations are working in the labor market. However, the working approach of  the young generations of Y and Z have changed and significantly differs from the previous generations in terms of attitude and workplaces, so the information and communication channels and platforms should be adapted to this situation.

Visualization of the feelings of young adults is important and needs to be reflected by the design of thoughtful vlogs, regularly presenting general, educational and labor issues, and answering work-related questions. Important information are as for example, wages, work environment, skills to acquire and to progress. The intuitive design and simple messaging within the application all serve these requirement in a form that fits today’s needs.

“We are delighted to be a partner of the first school association with many decades of history and nationwide franchise networks. Through our development we can support the efforts of MelóDiák to provide valuable employment opportunities,” said Ákos Kelemen, Business Development Director of Astron Informatics Ltd.



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