Customized software development

Only unique solutions can fully meet your business needs and provide real competitive advantage.

Our mission, is to create customized, tailor-made software solutions upon specific customer expectations, that provide real benefits and competitive advantage.

The key to success:

  • Our professional business analysts have thorough background knowledge of your industry.
  • We design our software solutions according to your unique business process.
  • Our business analysis is based on BABOK methodology.

The applied software development methodology is defined by the task in question. Our project managers have proven experience and skills in managing traditional or agile (Scrum, Kanban) software development processes.

We do not compromise in complete functionality, customer satisfaction and high availability. Both our professional development and testing teams, plus our techniques and our 9001, ISO 27001 quality systems guarantee that our solutions meet stakeholder expectations and even the most exacting requirements.

Technological expertise

„Software and Engineering”

Our electric power system and gas industry experts are recognized professionals in the field of primary- and secondary technology, commercial systems and system modelling, who also are contributing to the technical higher education. We offer our energy market expertise based upon deep knowledge of the legal regulation and the Hungarian market.

In our train control projects, technological skills of rail operation and interlocking systems play an important role, providing a solid background for dispatching centre data modelling and uploading, as well as for creating and setting up train simulation models appropriately.

Our experts of controlled and monitored technology both support the design and implementation process of the software as business analysts, and directly provide the customers with technical consultancy. They often participate in setting up developing strategy for the customer.

System integration

Well-managed, cooperating systems provide a higher level of services

Separated systems responsible for different parts of business process can be integrated into one enterprise solution in order to cover the whole business process.

Our system integration product (Operation Data Store – ODS, Astron Message Broker – AMBer) provides:

  • Transformation and validation of the received data and the uploading into a data warehouse. This is the whole ETL (extraction, transformation, loading) process.
  • Communication between systems. The ODS has metadata management, protocol conversion, scheduling sending and receiving data, queue management, priority management, task management and monitoring to control the communication smoothly.
  • A calculation engine is also implemented within the ODS. The calculation engine can handle not only typical aggregation tasks, but more complex, multilevel calculations as well.

To reach enterprise SOA architecture, we build loosely coupled systems, set up routing rules, implement centralized security, human workflow – and finally, we monitor the business activity and define the steps of the business process.

We help you choose the appropriate middleware solution (ESB, ODS, AMBer) to upgrade your business.

System support & maintenance

Supporting business continuity

Our support team consists of business analysts and IT specialists using proactive monitoring tools, highly accessible IT infrastructure and remote access technology to guarantee your business continuity.

The availability of our support team is 5/8 to 7/24, or harmonized with the customer’s working hours. Our support services are available as first or second line, with strict response-time limitations. We are ready start analysing the problem immediately, using remote connection and/or using our own production environment.

Upon request, we ensure faster accessibility and response time on-site. Certainly, you can also contact our English speaking support team by phone, e-mail or via our HelpDesk system.

We take advantage of our experience. Our Help Desk system can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and creates logs and reference database.

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