Business upgraded

Szoftverfejlesztés és üzemeltetés támogatás a mobil kommunikációban

Business upgraded

Szoftverfejlesztés és engineering a villamosenergia-iparban

Business upgraded

Szoftverfejlesztés és üzleti elemzés a gáziparban

Business upgraded

Közlekedésirányítás a világ nagyvárosaiban


Business activities

Our experts speak your language. We possess all commands of business and industry technologies that make us able to deliver unique solutions thoroughly supporting our customers’ activities.


Business areas

Train and electric network control centers and simulation applications, energy market software, data warehouses. Business intelligence and corporate application integration, mobile provider systems and mobile apps.



We accomplished more than 1200 successful projects over the last 25 years; created unique softwares, built middleware infrastructure, and supported systems – as partners of larger enterprises all over the world.