Electric power industry

Beyond IT skills, we have deep knowledge about power systems. Thus, we really speak the language of the customers.

Our energy market systems operate in critical application environment at the power system operator company, at several distribution companies and power plants. They are responsible for processing transaction schedules, the auctions of cross-border tie-line capacities, as well as the optimal management of energy portfolios.

Our simulators are applied in the training of dispatchers. The whole-scale electric black-start of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant can be modelled with our simulator. The operators of the national grid can practice their everyday switching tasks or the recognition and restoration of system disturbances using our simulator system, which includes the detailed model of the 25-HV substations.

We support the decisions of the management with business intelligence. Our data warehouse systems store energy market data for 8 years, with on-line availability. The data warehouse also performs the integration of corporate data property, providing analytical tools for the preparation of strategic decisions.

Beyond developing traditional EMS/SCADA functions of dispatching centres, we apply artificial intelligence based methods for the recognition of disturbances and to support dispatcher decision, using state-of-the-art fuzzy, logic, neural network and genetic algorithm based solutions.

Our systems help network operation in the field of outage scheduling, maintenance management, equipment-diagnostic database and reporting. They support the preparation of procedures, the continuous maintaining of network assets and the planning of network developments.

For further information about the Networks Training Simulator, please click here.

Train control and supervision

Automatic Train Supervision (ATS) systems for the metropolises of the world.

We contribute to the realisation of metro and mainline train control systems worldwide: Bangkok, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Hong Kong, Nanjing, Guanghzou, Kaohsiung, Shenzen, New York, Montreal, Port Hedland, Sydney, Sao Paolo, Nürnberg and of course Budapest’s BKV lines M2 and M4. We are working in international teams, according to strict supplier requirements. Our company is a Level 1 software vendor of Siemens AG IC Rail Automation division.

We perform project-specific development and engineering of ATS systems, completed with the services of installing operation and system support. We facilitate system testing and dispatcher training with simulation systems VICOS T&S and MCS TS system, developed by Astron.

Our company contributed to the realisation of the reporting system of New York City Metro, with the objective of automatic data supply for the authorities as well as decision support for the management.

We built a logistic data warehouse in Western Australia for the largest-surface iron ore mine, managing the train transport from the exploitation site to the docks.

Natural gas and oil industry

Commercial software applications for every marketer of the gas industry

We develop Gas Nomination systems for processing shipment data according to regulations. Our solutions realise sending and receiving metered and allocated data, matching functions, handling meteorological information, and reporting. All actions are performed according to the Act of Natural Gas Supply, the Natural Gas Operational and Commercial Regulation, following the SOX directives.

Our Pricing and Contract Management aapplication supports pricing by presenting public stock exchange and bank information (Platts, ICIS Heren, HUPX, European Central Bank, National Bank of Hungary) automatically, registers contract data, prepares client reports (Price-Volume Report, Key Account Managers pricing info, ToP report, Daily Energy Market report).

The Capacity Management solution developed by Astron monitors the changes of consumer portfolios, calculates the available capacities for 8 years in advance, and generates various business reports.

Our Gas Industry Data Warehouse and Data Integration platform collects, transforms, and uploads the data of different corporate IT systems. Besides integrating and conserving data, it makes them available on-line on a long-term basis.

We realised a truck loading system for the largest oil refinery of Middle Europe, which monitors 26 loading islands of road transportation, offers dispatcher supervisory functions and provides data exchange with the enterprise business information system.We developed truck loading systems for the refineries of the leading petrochemical company of Turkey in Izmir and Izmit as well.

Mobile telecommunications

Mobile app development and server-side solutions

Our Mobile Solutions Division focuses not only on app development but also on delivering server-side solutions. We support our clients in the whole process of going mobile: we manage their accounts in various app stores if needed, or we even update their corporate design guidelines with a mobile section.

We develop and support back-end telecommunications applications such as short message bulk processing platforms, authentication systems, mobile internet centers, campaign management systems, CRM systems, and middleware applications.

For more information on the Mobile Solutions Division, please visit mobile.astron.hu

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