Astron’s new metro development project to start in Hong Kong

Our Control Systems Division has started working on an exciting new project involving the development of the Hong Kong ’Sha Tin to Central Link’ Line. As a business partner of Siemens, we will focus on the development of the metro line’s control system.

‘This project is special because it involves creating a new station in the middle of an already existing metro line, which is exciting from a technological point of view as well. Usually, we work on extension projects, where stations are added to the end of a metro line. However, Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated areas in the world, still developing and changing at a rapid pace, which calls for unusual solutions such as this one.’ – said Attila K. Mergl Ph.D., head of our Control Systems Division.

As a business partner to Siemens, the work of our Control Systems Division usually focuses on metro and railway control systems all around the world. Our colleagues usually work from our Budapest office or even from their homes, but from time to time, they spend 1-2 weeks abroad as well.

We are excited for this new project and look forward to future challenges!