Innovative mobile app introduced in gas storage services
Hungarian Gas Storage Ltd. (MFGT) has been using a custom developed central administrative and CRM software to serve its daily gas distribution activities. One of last year’s main development projects was introducing a mobile application linked to this system.  The app supports management decisions with just a push of the button in the form of up-to-date reports and analysis. It was developed by MFGT’s strategic partner, Astron Informatics Ltd.

It is with the help of the Storage Management and Commercial System (SMCS) that MFGT manages all daily processes related to gas storage, plans and monitors storage capacity and stock levels, receives gas quality and other data and calculates storage balance. At the same time, SMCS is the most important CRM tool as well.

Since the system is widely used, there was a need for users to access its data quickly and comfortably through their mobile phones. This is how the idea of creating an app was born and it became one of MFGT’s main development projects in 2016 and received the name Touch & Store. In its current form, the app can be downloaded by the management of MFGT. It shows the most important data and analysis related to daily operations in the form of up-to-date and to-the-point reports and thus became an effective and innovative management decision supporting tool.

’In line with the central strategy of MVM, we encourage innovative solutions that improve not only the effectiveness of our daily operations but client satisfaction as well.’ – said Ákos Kriston, deputy CEO of MFGT. Accordingly, MFGT is planning on further developing the application and making it available for its clients as well.

’It was a huge honor to work on this project and I am very happy that we participated in creating something innovative. At the same time, it is also a great example on how mobile technology can improve business processes.  I would like to thank the whole team that contributed to this success.’ – said Zoltán Jacsó, head of the Energy Industry Applications Division at Astron.

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