Dispatchers of Nemzeti Közművek Áramhálózati Kft. (NKM) to be trained by the training simulator developed by Astron

Besides MAVIR Hungarian TSO, the E.ON DSOs and Paks Nuclear Power Plant, NKM DSO is the next company in Hungary applying Astron’s Network Training Simulator (NTS) for the training of dispatchers managing the electrical network.

NTS was put into operation in the end of 2019 and it is gradually involved into the education system of NKM, providing the necessary time for the instructors and dispatchers to work out and introduce the new training methodology.

NTS is a full-scope training simulator, modelling realistically the whole main distribution and medium voltage network, comprising 44 120 kV/MV and 8 MV/MV substations, and several hundreds of MV lines. Thus, the dispatchers exercising with a copy of the real SCADA system may face with normal and emergency situations of real life, from the simple switching tasks or minor mailfuctions to the complex system disturbances, spreading over the complete network of NKM.

’By the introduction of the new simulator system shortening training period of dispatchers, and decreasing outage times for the consumers will be expected due to the more self-confident dispatcher interactions. As well, quality indices of the energy supply (e.g. SAIDI) can be improved, causing significant savings for the company.’ – said Róbert Gaál, deputy manager of Control Systems Division of Astron Informatics Ltd.

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