Astron supports the continuing education and development of its employees to an outstanding extent

Based on the Flowhrbenchmark survey, which is based on the voluntary declaration of about 70 Hungarian companies, in 2021 our company supported the training and skill development of our employees far above the national average. For a long time, Astron has supported its employees in taking part in training related to their work. This contribution applies not only to further specialized training, but also to the acquisition of a university degree, either in bachelor’s or master’s degree. We are currently supporting seven of our employees’ ambitions to obtain a diploma. In addition, we place great emphasis on the development of language skills and competences. According to our agreement with the Babilon language studio, our employees can take part in small group training courses in German and English, corresponding to our own level. The participation rate in these courses is typically high. This year, nearly 30 of our colleagues decided to take advantage of this benefit. In addition to language learning, we also supported professional, skill-building trainings such as Microsoft Project, Basics of predictive project management, Recruitment and selection, Action Learning Team Coaching process.

Our employees have participated in many professional events, courses and webinars in recent years, of which – without claiming to be exhaustive – some examples: Certified Tester Foundation Level and the higher level tester trainings/exams based on it, CENELEC 50128 standard knowledge education, Agile Coach, Software Law Training, Kubernetes, MicroTik. In addition to external trainings, we hold more and more internal further trainings and professional lectures initiated by colleagues. Recently, we have launched in-house training on these topics: Modern C++ lecture series, WSL and SpecUI Java form file editing, Parallel programming, Clean Code, VBA macro basics and application options. We are glad that so many of our colleagues want to improve in their field.

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