Astron languages courses to restart in September

23 people will start or continue studying English and German languages at Astron this fall. The courses are held in small groups twice a week at the Astron office.

It’s quite common for Astron Informatics Ltd. to work with international clients and partner. As Siemens’s strategic partner, the company has a vast number of successful projects from all over the world in China, India or the USA just to state a few examples. It is therefore extremely important to continuously develop the employees’ foreign language skills, so the company puts great emphasis on regularly organizing English and German language courses.

This fall, a total of 23 people will continue or start studying English or German language. The 90 minute courses will be held once or twice a week. Employees will be divided into small groups based on the level of their knowledge: the maximum number of people in one group is 4, but most of the groups consist of 2-3 people on average. This guarantees that everyone receives the necessary attention. Most of the students are between beginner and intermediate levels. The classes are held just before or after working hours in the Astron office, making it quite comfortable for the participants. The language courses are organized by Astron’s partner Babilon Language Studio.

‘About 30-40% of our yearly revenue comes from international projects and export activities, so it’s extremely important that we constantly develop our colleagues’ language skills. I truly hope that more and more people will get the chance to participate in them in the future.’ – said dr. Attila Kovács, managing director of Astron Informatics Ltd.

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