Astron Informatics Ltd. is a supporting member of Sharing Economy Association

The Sharing Economy Association was founded in March, 2017 with the collaboration of the most experienced members of the industry. Its goal is to create a professional platform supporting the development of sharing economy. Astron Informatics Ltd. is one of the first companies joined the Association as supporting member.

Sharing economy is an economic and social system which provides access to goods, services, data and knowledge so as to share and use them.

Online technologies help to provide the information for individuals, companies and non-profit organizations in order to distribute, share and recycle unused products and services, so the exchange, lease or sale can be transacted between the participants.

With its almost twenty years history in software development, Astron Informatics Ltd. is willing to be an active part of the development of digital economy and society via supporting the technology improvement of sharing economy companies.

“It is very important to have supporting members around us who are able to patronize innovative improvements while they are also committed to the development of sharing economy services under relevant regulations.” – Gábor Pataki, Chairman of Sharing Economy Association said.

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