Astron Informatics Ltd. held a presentation at the annual conference of the Hungarian Electrotechnical Association in autumn this year. The conference was now linked to a jubilee event: 125 years of electricity distribution. Nearly 700 people and dozens of exhibitors attended the 3-day event. The theme of the congress was “clean energy” this year. In addition to discussing the latest electrical industry scientific and technological trends and novelties, sections and lecturers of the Annual Assembly were undertaking to present some very important social impacts of the rapidly growing technological change.

At the section session of „relationship between human and articifial intelligence” János Csatár and Attila Dr. Kovács gave a presentation with the title of „Application of artificial intelligence based methods in recognition and restoration of distribution network disturbances” This topic is very actual since the dramatic increase of the share of the distributed energy generation control systems must be extended with new, intelligent algorithms and methods.
The full presentetion can be dowloaded here.

We consider it a prestigious professional recognition that we can give lectures every year at the Annual Assembly of the Hungarian Electrotechnical Association. We continue to strive for creating meaningful and high-quality presentations to our professional audience in the forthcoming years, as well.” – said Dr. Attila Kovács, CEO of Astron Informatics Ltd.

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