Astron Informatics Ltd. launched a social responsibility program initiated by its employees. At the end of August, twelve colleagues joined the team of Volunteer Blood Donors of Astron.

It is well known that every year in summer time – especially in August – the number of blood donations decreases compared to the other periods of the year. The hot weather, the seasonal allergic season and the summer vacations might be the background of the lower activity of blood donation. That is why the „Astron Blood Donor Team” has decided to visit the National Blood-Transfusion Service in Budapest at a fixed date and support their joint action with the Hungarian Red Cross.

“We always appreciate and support the efforts initiated by our colleagues. It is especially true if this is done in the interest of some important social issue,  as it was in the case of a summer blood donation. The “Astron Blood Donors” initiative is a long-term endeavor, we hope that it will grow year after year. “- said Attila Kovács, Managing Director of Astron Informatics Ltd.

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