A successful year for the E.ON simulator

A vast number of people work every day behind the scenes to assure the continuity and reliability of Hungary’s electric power supply, and to guarantee quick system restoration in case of power outage. Dispatchers operating power networks have a significant role in achieving these goals. A simulator developed by Astron and designed to help dispatchers in their everyday job was installed last year by E.ON Hungária Zrt.

E.ON Hungária Zrt. operates on a total of 55 181 square kilometers in the Transdanubian Region and in the eastern part of the country supplying electricity to over 2,3 million households and workplaces. The company’s therefore responsible for the electricity supply of about 2/3 of Hungary’s territory. The network itself is composed of about half a million elements, so it is quite a complex system.

The so called Network Training Simulator (NTS) was developed by leading experts of Astron Informatics Ltd. ‘Thanks to the simulator, we can create a realistic simulation environment where dispatchers can practice handling complex situations in case of power outage.’ – said Róbert Gaál, director of the Power Systems Division at Astron Informatics Ltd.

E.ON dispatchers are also trained on this simulator since the system was installed last year. One of its biggest advantages is that it can create a totally realistic environment even in such a complex, vast network composed of half a million elements. It allows E.ON to effectively and efficiently train its dispatchers even for the most unexpected events, therefore assuring maximum reliability of the electricity supply.

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