Astron Informatics Ltd. has had quite a successful year: highest revenue in the history of the company, a new business division, record number of projects. We asked the CEO, dr. Attila Kovács to talk about the reasons behind the success and the most important future plans.

What’s the key to Astron’s record yearly revenue in 2015?

Attila Kovács: It’s mainly thanks to the hard work of our nearly 100 employees, to whom I would like to say thank you. Our main focus is developing customized software solutions, we don’t have our own products, so our main asset is the expertise and professionalism of our colleagues. As a result of their work, last year was the most successful one in the company’s history with an estimated yearly revenue of about 1,5 billion HUF.

Which were the most significant results last year?

Attila Kovács: Due to some legal changes, we had to update nearly all our clients’ systems in the energy industry which lead to a record number of projects in 2015. We also created the biggest distribution network training simulator in the country for E.ON. As a strategic partner of Siemens’s Mobility Management division, we worked on numerous projects worldwide. Also, as a result of our business development activity, we built a new mobile application development team, who worked for Erste Bank and Telenor last year.

What about the number of employees?

Attila Kovács: We’re very happy that the number of our employees has grown by 16% last year, as a result of which we are almost 100 people working at Astron now. For such a big company, it’s crucial to have a good back office support as well. In 2015 we made some developments in this area as well: we upgraded our corporate communication activities, our recruitment processes, our IT infrastructure and we also received the ISO 20000:2011-1 certificate for the operation and support of gas and electric power systems.

What are your most important future plans for 2016?

Attila Kovács: This year, one of our most important tasks is to develop the activity of our new Mobile Solutions Division. We plan on continuing our strategic cooperation with our existing clients and also find new markets and opportunities. We hope that this year will be just as successful as 2015 was!

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