The people who participated at Erste Bank’s company event this June were able to browse the schedule on their mobile phones, share their photos or even rate the event all thanks to a mobile application developed by Astron Informatics Ltd.

Erste Bank organized an event on June 4th in Csillabérc, Hungary. They were expecting many colleagues from all over the country. It was therefore important to communicate effectively with the participants in order for the event to run smoothly. This is how the idea of the ‘Erste Napp’ was born.

‘We’re very proud of the application, because it proves that a big bank can be quick and agile as well, if the team is motivated and has a can do attitude, especially with a flexible mobile developer partner like Astron Informatics Ltd.’ – said Szilvia Egri, head of the Digital Channels Department at Erste.

Thanks to geofencing technology, participants received a welcoming message when they arrived to the event. They were able to select what they wanted to participate in, and the app reminded them a couple of minutes before the scheduled start of the program so no one missed anything. People were able to rate the event and give their opinion about almost everything. Erste coworkers also had the chance to upload photos through the app, so the organizers were able to share a selected group of photos with all the participants.

‘We really enjoyed working on the project. The team was creative and motivated and it felt great to create something new. We hope to get a chance to cooperate on similar projects in the future as well.’ – added Ákos Kelemen, manager of the Mobile Applications Division at Astron Informatics Ltd.

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